Psychotherapy Services for Winnipeg, MB

If you live in Winnipeg, MB, and are looking for psychotherapy treatment look to Marlene R. Dyck. I have many years of experience in the medical and psychotherapy fields and am passionate about helping others. Together, we can help you live a wonderful and fulfilling life.

I offer both in-person and phone appointments to better suit your unique needs.


Talk therapy (or psychotherapy) is a method that many individuals use to better understand themselves. Without psychotherapy, you could spend your entire life wondering why you feel certain ways. With the help of a licensed psychotherapist, you can better understand yourself and the patterns and habits you are prone to falling into.

From difficulties with family members to personal moments of trauma, these bits and pieces can stay with you for a very long time. Without learning how to process challenging moments, you could be more prone to depression and anxiety. You may also find self-confidence and relationships with loved ones more challenging.

When you talk to a professional therapist about what you are struggling with, you can get an outside point of view. We will work together to learn more about what you have been through and what causes your discomfort. We will also figure out some plans that you can rely on when you are feeling down or anxious.

Together, we will work on finding you the answers that you need to accept and move forward with your life. With the right tools at your disposal, you can build a life that you will love and be happy with. I know that you are capable of finding the help that you need; all you have to do is reach out and begin.

To begin the process of scheduling an appointment, you can message me on my contact page or give me a call at (204) 415-2828.