Relationship Counselling in Winnipeg


Relationships are complicated. Because each person has unique experiences and ways of seeing the world, when two people come together, they can clash and struggle to see eye to eye. However, this struggle isn’t a reason to give up on the relationship. As an experienced relationship counsellor, I can help you overcome your differences and form a strong, healthy relationship.

My relationship counselling services can help all types of relationships in Winnipeg.

What I Do

While many think that romantic couples are the only relationships that can benefit from counselling, I work with all kinds of connections. My services help identify personal triggers that cause strife in relationships, and this strife isn’t exclusive to romantic partners. I have helped partners as well as families, coworkers, and friends form a better connection and understand each other better.

How Counselling Helps

When you work with an objective party, you can receive unbiased feedback and advice. I have years of experience working with relationships, so I know how to identify deep-seated issues and underlying emotions that may cause problems. When you recognize your own triggers and emotions, you can better overcome or manage them.

During our sessions, we will work on individual obstacles as well as communication in the relationship. With my help, you’ll find that you can better communicate your feelings and listen more sincerely to your partner, friend, or family member.

Who I Am

I have years of experience working in counselling of all types, from mental health to grief. Because of this experience, I can help with any problem in your relationship. I can help you finally move forward and progress individually and with your partner. With relationship therapy, I am confident that you’ll find more meaning and greater fulfillment in all your relationships.

Contact me today to set up an appointment virtually or in person.

I am very excited to get to know you and your loved ones on a personal level so that we can all grow together and live the lives that we deserve. My relationship counselling can be just what you and your loved ones need to process traumas, identify self-destructive habits, and care for your mental health so that you can move forward in your personal relationships.

I have worked with countless individuals, families, and couples so that they can grow deeper in love and commitment. I use conventional therapy and counselling to provide you with the highest quality of mental health care here in Winnipeg. With relationship therapy, you can explore the difficulties that you and your loved ones may be currently experiencing.

I am happy to discuss your schedule and current financial needs so that you can have a stress-free and personalized mental health service experience. Visit my about me page to learn more about my practice and read above to schedule your first appointment.